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My Videos

The Power of Responsibility

Responsibility is the key factor in our life. It will uplift our Knowledge, Efficiency, Courage and Leadership.

Value of Friendship 💫

Friendship gives us stress free, gathering, happiness and relaxation in our life. People become lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.

How to Overcome Careless Mistakes 💫

Care about your thoughts, words and actions. Careless mistake will occur lot of dangerous situations in your life. A careless person is a negelect person.

Power of TIME - Part One

Time is very precious part in our life. Without time we cant do nothing. Every moment in our life we are plannIng, preparing, meet in, traveling with the help of time.


Love gives immense energy and pressure in our life. Love the nature, love the world, love our people surrounding us, love our life are the strength to live.

Importance of Father Story 👤 behind its celeberation 💫

Father is the great influence in our life.He must be inspiring everyones life. And also our pride.